Founded in 1999, ID Solutions has evolved from a simple hardware integrator, to a full service, Manufacturer and Solution Provider of Barcode Scanners, Warehouse Management Software, RFID Solutions and Service and Support Integration company!






John M. Tavis
Founder, Partner, EVP

Stephen R. Moore
Founder, Partner, CEO


Greg Stanley
Director, Technical Services


Carlos Noguera    Manager,  HTML 5 Software Engineer

Carlos Noguera

Manager, HTML 5 Software Engineer

Dylan Bleskin   Assembly Technician

Dylan Bleskin

Assembly Technician

Ethan Chew
Director, Professional Services




Erik D. Johnson
Director, Software Services


Dustin Bleskin   Assembly Technician

Dustin Bleskin

Assembly Technician

Linda Kortuem
Director, Administration


Christian Lentz   Assembly Technician

Christian Lentz

Assembly Technician