Wireless Warehouse Management Solutions for the REC

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MOBILETrak Wireless Warehouse Management Software from ID Solutions is a direct interface with the NISC iVUE System. It is designed to emulate the functionality of the inventory transactions users are familiar with on the iVUE Software system. Real time, web-service integration means there is no “syncing” or “store and forward” transaction processing . Transactions are processed immediately, AT THE POINT OF ACTIVITY.


Using Wi-Fi and Cellular Technology, MOBILEtrak collects andtransmitsdata“Real-Time”backtotheMOBILEtrakWeb Server which links to the iVUE System. Inventory Management, Work Order Picking, Receiving, Picking, Put- Away are now collected at point of work providing a Mobile Solution where it isneeded.

•     Process Physical Inventory, Cycle Counts immediately

•     Pick Items for Work-Orders and process transactions in thewarehouse

•     Decrease errors in datacollection

•     Generate PurchaseRequisitions

•     Interfaces with iVUE system through Wi-FiWireless Web ServiceTechnology.

Multi-Platform Design.

Your choice of Localized Installation or Cloud-based SAAS models running on DESKTOP Browsers, iOS, Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile Devices providing hardware flexibility.


MOBILEtrak Wireless Warehouse Management Suite

MOBILETrak Materials Management Inventory:

•     PhysicalInventory

•     CycleCount

•     MaterialTransfer

•     ItemInquiry

•     MaterialPicking

•     Material Put-Away MOBILETrak Work Order Pick MOBILETrak Receiving MOBILETrak PurchaseRequisition

ID Solutions has over 15 years integration our software solutions with the leading Rural Electric Cooperative and Public Power ERP Solutions.  Partnering with ERP Vendors including:


ID Solutions has an equal partnership presence with all sides of the Supply Chain including some of the leading Material Vendors in the country including:

WESCO Distribution

WESCO Distribution

Western United Electric

Western United Electric

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